Baptism of Charles Reece Kelley 7-5-14
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    • Engaging Wednesday Evening Bible Study
      Wednesday Evenings is when we dig down deep into the Bible, asking questions and seeking answers.  In this Bible Study, we are working through a 3 1/2 year study of the entire Bible.  We will roughly cover one book a month so anyone wanting to join need not feel as if they are coming in the middle of something.  

      Our Current topic: God's Love Story: Matthew
    • Monthly Work Day
      The third Saturday of every month we will come together at 9:30 am to work on making our building as beautiful without as it is within.  All are welcome to come.  Many hands make light work.
    • HUGS
      The H.U.G.S. ministry stands for: Hostess/Host, Ushers, Greeters, and Service. 

      Hostess/Host:  These persons serve after each service to ensure that there are drinks and snacks or food, as required, for that day.  The leader would need to set up a schedule of persons who would like to assist by providing drinks, hot food, salads, snacks, desserts, etc.  This would make it easier to ensure we have enough for the services each week.  I would include Wednesday and Thursday, even though it is mostly the same group each week, yet we do hope to get bigger.
      If you would like to be a part of this ministry, contact Susan Nelson.

      Ushers:  These are persons who help bring order to our worship service.  Again, there should be a leader who will guide those men as mentioned above.  Their job is basically to ensure people find a seat and help with church service, assist with the gathering of the collection, making sure the churches offerings are brought to the altar for blessing, and making sure that the church is left in a clean and ordered fashion after the service ends.

      If you would like to be a part of this ministry, contact George Pitzinger.
      Greeters:  These persons are at the front door who greet the people as they arrive.  If they need to be seated or whatever, the ushers are available to do this.  Not only is a greeter present in the Church to welcome visitors, but one is also in the Parish Hall to greet those who don't go to the main church first, but come for Sunday school between services.  This way every person, parishioner or visitor, will not be missed upon coming to a service.

      If you would like to take part in this ministry please contact Homer Still:
      Service:  These are the persons that contact the membership weekly to make sure they are okay or to pray for them if they are sick, while reminding them about the service for the coming week.  They can also set up transportation for people unable to drive to the church from volunteers that live close to the person.  This is an outreach type of job.  These are people who find joy in assisting others and allowing them to participate more fully in the life of the church even if their bodies are beginning to fail them.  Some of the duties of this group would be assisting the older parishioners up and down stairs, carrying food or snacks to a table, re-supplying them with their drink,  or basically just to make it easier to enjoy the time talking to their church family.

      If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact Dottie Jarvis:
    • Prayer Shawls
      We have a lovely group of ladies who knit shawls for those who are in the hospital.  As they knit, they pray for the healing of the recipient (even if the recipient is unknown at the time).  Upon their completion, the shawls are brought to Church where they are blessed (usually in the context of the Mass) before they are delivered to the recipient. 

      If you know of someone who could benefit from a Prayer Shawl, please contact the office and let us know.

      If you are interested in participating in this ministry, please contact the office and we will get back to you.  (Note: The ability to knit/crochet is not a prerequisite for participation, because this skill is easily taught.)